Choose your Style

You can set different colors by adding btn-primary class for example. Want embossed button? Add btn-embossed class, that's it!

Classic Style

Default style with btn class.

Embossed style

How to use? Just add btn-embossed class.

Rounded style

How to use? Just add btn-rounded class.

Transparent style

How to use? Just add btn-transparent class.

Square style

How to use? Just add btn-square class.

Mixed style

Make your style unique by mixing it! For example btn-primary btn-square btn-embossed class.

Group Buttons

Group buttons are great if you want to display a group of actions. To do that, just put you buttons inside a btn-group class div.

Horizontal group

Vertical group

Nested button groups

Icons Buttons

You can add icons on the left or right side of button with color you want. Perfect for action buttons and social connection.

Icons styled button

Icons rounded button

Icons styled button

Block Social Buttons

Loading State & Size Buttons

Loading button Click to see loading state

Loading state are perfect for login, register or form submission.

Size Buttons for small to Huge effect

You can choose your size by simply adding a class like btn-sm for small button.

Dropdown Buttons