Bootstrap Modals

Modals are important to notify users are give important information. For that reason, we have new design to Bootstrap modals to fit your project needs.

Basic Modal

Simple modal with title and footer

Large Width

How to? Add the class modal-lg to your modal.

Full Width

For fullwidth modal, add the class modal-full.

Responsive Modal

Resize window to see responsive behaviour.

Top & Fullwidth Modal

How to? Add class topfull to your modal.

Bottom & Fullwidth width

How to? Add class bottomfull to your modal.

Slide Left Modal

How to? Add modal-slideleft class to your modal.

Slide Right Style

How to? Add modal-slideright class to your modal.

Image Modal

How to? Add modal-image class to modal.

Colored Header Style

How to? Add bg-yourcolor class to modal-header.

Colored Footer Style

How to? Add bg-yourcolor class to modal-footer.

Full Colored

How to? Add bg-yourcolor class to modal.